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Landscaping - Why FieldTurf™

FIELDTURF Natural Grass
One time cost Never ending Maintenance costs
No watering, No Maintenance Cost / availability of Water, Mowing, Weeding, Fertilizing…
No standing water! (Ideal for rooftops) Worries of leakage / structure weakening
Rugged, round-the-clock usage Delicate, restricted usage
Lush green, grassy look for years and years Frequent re-laying; brown patches

Apart from its dramatically similar look and feel like grass there are many features of FieldTurf that make it the most suitable choice – even over natural grass!


FieldTurf is a member of the US Green Building Council and is certified 100% lead free.

Use of FieldTurf helps earn points that contribute towards a LEED (Leadership in Environment and Energy Design) certification for buildings and structures.

FieldTurf imports have also been extensively tested by the laboratories under the Ministry of Textiles and certified that none of 22 harmful chemical substances are detected in the product!

US Green Building Council Certification by Ministry of Textiles, Government of India

How FieldTurf contributes:

Recycled Plastic

FieldTurf is made from recycled plastic and therefore plays a significant role in reducing waste material in the environment.

No Watering

FieldTurf obviously requires no water to be used as part of its maintenance.

Recycled rubber

The rubber granules used as part of the infill is also made from recycled tyres.

Reducing energy (electricity) consumption

When used on rooftops (as lawns, Golf Putting Greens etc) direct heat is absorbed by the grass layer and the infill. Apart from this, there is a contoured mesh that is installed below the grass layer (to help rain-water to smoothly flow along the slope towards the rain water outlet). This prevention of direct sunlight and heat on the rooftops, reduces the energy needed to cool the dwelling underneath.

Of course, the ownership of a FieldTurf lawn or sports field implies you are never harming the environment with the use of fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides etc., for the maintenance of your lawn.

So use, FieldTurf and feel good about what you are doing to help the environment!

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What our clients say:

"I had natural grass in my balcony with a lot of problems. Installing FieldTurf has not only given me peace of mind in terms of no leakage but the maintenance-free nature and natural appeal have made it a wonderful experience."

Vinod Gupta,
Hyderabad, Installed in Feb 2009

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